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June 24 - 28, 2019
The Mirage, Las Vegas

Michal Raz

VP of Global Partnerships

2:10 PM The Smarter the Tech, the Smoother the Journey: How Speech Technologies and AI Can Improve Customer Experience

As AI and conversational platforms become part of consumers’ everyday lives, this tech will play an ever-growing role in defining how businesses connect with consumers. Leveraging speech and AI technology via APIs can empower companies to create modern and proactive customer experiences, ultimately building stronger customer loyalty and relationships.
In this panel moderated by top analyst Sheila McGee-Smith, Kevin Fredrick, Managing Partner of OneReach, Michal Raz, VP of Global Partnerships, Vonage and Kyle Riordan, Product Marketing Manager, Vonage, will discuss how innovative speech and AI technologies, powered by Nexmo, the Vonage API platform, enable businesses to take their customer engagement to the next level and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

3:00 PM Connecting with Context: Applying Intelligent Voice APIs to Reach Customers

No longer the stuff of science fiction, real-world applications of artificial intelligence are already driving better business outcomes for companies, and can do the same for your business, too. Developments like Vonage’s next-gen voice API, powered by Nexmo, partnered with leading translation technology from Microsoft, allow brands to truly personalize their customer experience.
This enables businesses to transform the reach and scope of their customer connections, allowing business to offer real-time, machine translation powered multi-lingual interaction at scale and to more flexibly adapt to changing support language needs over time. In this session, Michal Raz, VP of Global Partnerships, Vonage and Olivier Fontana, Director, Product Strategy and Marketing for Microsoft Translator, will discuss how AI developments paired with the Nexmo Voice API are revolutionizing the customer experience and tearing down barriers to communication.  

2:10 PM How to Leverage AI Chatbots to Empower Agents and Improve Productivity

Chatbots and AI tech have seen a lot of buzz lately, with most of the attention being paid to bots that interact externally with customers. Forward-thinking companies are also looking for the technology to function as a part of an underlying solution focused on addressing internal business needs as well - like agent training, sentiment analysis, and call monitoring.
Leveraging chatbots and AI to provide human agents with the tools they need to increase their productivity and performance, and to ultimately enhance the customer experience, fulfills the promise of this technology. In this session, Jay Blazensky, Co-founder & CRO, VoiceBase, Michael Brehm, Founder & Managing Director, i2x, and Michal Raz, VP of Global Partnerships, Vonage, will discuss how they are harnessing this tech to provide businesses with next-generation solutions and better business outcomes.

3:00 PM The Next Generation of Chatbots: Improving CX Across Industries

As the technology has grown more sophisticated, the potential for voice-enabled bots has moved beyond internet search and other predictable uses. Now, Ai and chatbots have the potential to solve real-world business problems across industries, from consumer-focused applications, to businesses including healthcare, retail, food service, and more.  

In this session, Noam Fine, CEO, Over.AI and Michal Raz, VP of Global Partnerships, Vonage, will share a variety of use cases and examples of how AI and chatbots are being used today to create communications solutions that can increase customer engagement and enhance the customer experience across a variety of industry verticals. Solutions like these position companies for a future in which AI is the rule, rather than the exception.

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Michal.

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